Our Story / Heritage

AMAIA is a traditional small business whose success would not be possible without its people. Manufacturers, suppliers, employees, clients, owners.... we all become one and strive to protect and cherish a more personal and hands on approach of the business, where we all know the name of he person behind each step of the process and we sure care to protect them all.

Family is at the core of our ethos. With this in mind, we created a whole collection of matching clothes for siblings as a family statement: it reinforces their sense of belonging and it emphasizes their unique and precious bond.
Since our creation, we have been fortunate to be the brand of reference for many families including some European Royal Families.



An Amaia outfit is timeless and durable. The rigorous selection of exceptional fabrics ensures easy to wash and care garments which will stay in pristine condition and look as chic and trendy as ever so that they can be handed down to younger siblings or relatives and then to the next generation!



For us, “Elegance starts from birth”.

We believe in the unicity of elegance: style, mind and heart. We design clothes with a “je ne sais quoi” that makes them stand out. We believe in an effortless, refined and lively elegance. We want to see children wearing Amaia running in a garden and rolling down hills!



Respect encompasses several meanings to us:

Respect for our whole team from our Spanish seamstresses, our workshops in Spain, to our sales assistants in London.
Respect for our clients: we aim to never disappoint and to always please you. Respect for one’s appearance: it’s not only a matter of look but also of self respect and respecting the others and we believe this starts from a very young age.




We endeavour to preserve the renowned work of clothes making in Spain and    to pass on our heritage of a European style for children while adapting it to    our   contemporary world: a wide variety of collars, rompers and bloomers, smocks   made by hand, delicate lace, subtle colours’ palette and formal coats which are   all are part of our fashion heritage.