Our Story / Amaia

It was when I was expecting my first baby, that I properly started looking for cute baby clothes. I remember the excitement of a new baby coming and the relevance of choosing the right pieces when I knew nothing about it!


I soon realised that beautiful, high quality, classic but reasonably priced outfits like the ones we have in Spain were impossible to find in London! I ended up buying everything in my native country where the tradition of handpicking every little detail with such a great care and attention was still so much alive. I truly thought people in London were missing out not only on these beautifully handcrafted pieces but also on the whole ceremony of choosing, peaking and planning the best welcome possible.


That’s how Amaia started in 2004: by bringing the most beautiful Spanish children brands to the back of a friend’s store in Fulham. The sudden and surprising success encouraged me to open my own shop in the heart of Chelsea just a few months later.


By that time, I had already well scouted the Spanish market and met some incredibly talented crafts-people.  I started designing our collections here in London and have them manufactured by these friendly expert hands in Spain.


Only these passionate and exceptional seamstresses could add to every piece the special touch I wanted. For me, a traditional production in Spain was inherent to the birth of my brand. It was a mission to preserve and promote this savoir-faire and heritage of excellency.


"It is an honour to be able to show the world how amazing and talented people they are and to protect their industry".

Mother of three, Spanish, married to a French husband and living in London for more than 20 years, Amaia Arrieta left her career in International Finance to live her passion for children and fashion in 2004 and created Amaia. Since then, she indulges in her love for prints, fabrics and colours, always keen to surpass herself with every new collection:

"my idea was to design elegant, refined, timeless yet easy to wear outfits for everyday and for every occasion. A brand designed by a mum for all the other mums that would make things easier and prettier when it comes to dressing children. I also wanted to convey my love for families by creating matching outfits for siblings.” 


A strong believer in family, elegance, traditions and an admirer of the innocent and poetic world of childhood, she aims to incorporate her values to her brand. 


A firm advocate and precursor of sustainability and slow fashion, she is a committed entrepreneur to a European sustainable production, to preserve family businesses, to perpetuate a beautiful heritage of sewing skills and traditional children fashion, to careful and wise stock’s management and to protect children’s happy childhood.