Adult  Reusable cotton face mask - Wiltshire liberty

Adult Reusable cotton face mask - Wiltshire liberty


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• Double 100% cotton layer and an extra layer of a 50gr TNT filter
• Beautiful and stylish Wiltshire Liberty floral outside layer
• 5 filter refills included
• One size for children from 2 years, 15x8cms
• Cut the inside composition label before using it
• It is recommended for a continuous use of up to 4 hours
• These masks are for personal use only
• Instruction about how to wear, how to take it off and how to wash your mask will be included in each separately packed mask.
• WARNING: This is not in any case a medical product or surgical mask so whether you wear a face mask or not you should still follow the Government guidelines on social distancing
• 30% of proceeds will go to NHS Charities Together